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Perfect Wet Pouch Bag

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Our Perfect Wet Pouch™ is exceptionally versatile. Use it for swimming, cloth diapering, traveling; throw ANYTHING in it wet or dry! Hang it up to store.

Jaq Jaq Bird's Perfect Wet Pouch is better than leading Wet Bags because it doesn't shrink and doesn't stain.

  • 33cm x 40.64cm
  • Leak & Sweat Proof
  • Wick Proof
  • Water & Stain Proof
  • Machine Washable

-Easy to Clean: machine washable (and it won't shrink), waterproof, easy wipe, dries quickly, stain resistant, odor resistant, doesn't wick
-Cute and Versatile: perfect for containing wet items such as cloth diapers, gym clothes, swim gear, dirty shoes, etc. Customers also love it as an organizer for camping, hiking, fitness classes, etc.
-Safe: Lead free, PVC free, BPA free, Phthalates free; 100% polyester
-Lasting: Lightweight and durable, it doesn't fade or crack, and it does not leak. It's also reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

  • 33cm x 40.64cm; includes tab for hanging